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Reruns Are Fun: Spring Consignment Sale

March Sale Event 2018

Spring is fast approaching and so is our Spring sales event. This fantastic sales event will take place at 2000 Reeves Marine Dr., Bossier City (formerly Reeves Marine -- located next to CenturyLink Center).

As always, stay tuned to our Facebook page and keep an eye out for emails for updates! Click on the "Schedule" tab for the full schedule.

Click here to view the Spring Sales Event flier

ReRunsAreFun Website

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Due to many requests, we now have a wonderful extension of RERUNS ARE FUN for the HOME... HOMERUNS . This is a great opportunity to sell your slighty used but not abused home furniture, home furnishings, and more while having the opportunity to shop for fabulous finds too!


We accept home furniture, outdoor furniture, office furniture, home decor including but not limited to rugs, prints, accessories, etc. We also accept seasonal decor as well as kitchen gadgets, exercise equipment and tools! The only items not accepted include appliances (including computers, televisions, major appliances) and mattresses.

Shop for fabulous finds at HOMERUNS located within Reruns Are Fun. Watch for updates!

Index Cards

You can now prepare your index cards online. Go to to get started! You can print out your cards on card stock (60-65lb paper recommended) or you can print out your cards on regular paper and attach that paper to an index card. If using regular paper, please attach securely however, do not place tape, staples or any form of adhesive over the printed bar code as this may prevent the bar code from being readable!

Thanks to all who used the new system last sale! We hope more will try it out for this SALE! Please know, this system is not mandatory to participate in the SALE but is much more efficient!!

Spring 2018


Drop Off Dates:
March 1-2, 2018 10 AM - 7 PM
March 3, 2018 10 AM - 4 PM
Participant Sale:
March 4, 2018 1 PM - 6 PM
Open to the Public:
March 5, 2018 Noon - 6 PM
March 6, 2018 9 AM - 9 PM
March 7, 2018 - March 10, 2018 9 AM - 6 PM
Half Price Sale:
March 11, 2018 1 PM - 6 PM
March 12, 2018 9 AM - 6 PM
Pick Up Day:
March 16, 2018 10 AM - 7 PM


Participant Sale:
March 6, 2018 6 PM - 9 PM
Open to the Public:
March 7, 2018 - March 10, 2018 9 PM - 6 PM

We invite EVERYONE to participate in the SALE! This is a great way to clean out items you are no longer using while making money too! All items are accepted on a consignment basis. For any item which sells, the Participant makes 70% of the Sales price! There is a $16.00 registration fee deducted from your total profits at the end of the sale for each Participant Code registered.

We encourage you to take advantage of the ONLINE TAGGING SYSTEM for preparing your items for the Sale. However, if you choose to prepare your tags manually, that is FINE! We ask that you use a 3 x 5 index card for each item you choose to sale with the following information:

  • Top LEFT Corner - Participant Code (your 2 initials & last 4 digits of phone #)
  • Top Center - "D" if you wish to DONATE item if it does NOT sell
  • Top RIGHT Corner - Size (if clothing) "H" if for Homeruns
  • CENTER of Card - GOOD description of item - if multiple pieces please put qty here

If you DO NOT wish item to go half price on last day of Sale, please CIRCLE PRICE IN RED! If item is still available on last day of sale and price is NOT marked in RED, item can be sold at half price!

We are thrilled you are choosing to participate in our upcoming sale! In order to ensure the quality of the sale items, we request the following:

Hanging Clothes items - limited to 75 total hangers. Newborn to 12 months limited to 25 hangers. You are welcome to hang multiple items on one hanger (ex: pants & shirt which match making a completed outfit!). We encourge you to put pjs, onesies and baby t-shirts in ziplock bags instead of hangers. SHOES - limited to 3 pair. Please secure shoes in ziplock bag if size permits. Please secure ziplock bag closed with tape. Please put GOOD description on index card (such as color, brand, style of shoe) so that if shoes get separated from bag, we can identify where they belong!

School uniforms and Halloween costumes are accepted at the Fall/Winter Sale. Costumes for playing dress-up will be accepted also! Khaki pants & shorts and solid colored polo style shirts often used as school uniforms, will be accepted!

  • No GLASS bottles!
  • Baby Mattresses & twin bed mattresses will be accepted in Reruns Are Fun. Mattresses WILL NOT be accepted in HOMERUNS!
  • HOMERUNS will not accept APPLIANCES (other than lamps), COMPUTERS, TELEVISIONS, etc.

Hope this helps! Any questions, do not hesitate to email us at or call us at numbers listed below!

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