We are thrilled you are choosing to participate in our upcoming sale! In order to ensure the quality of the sale items, we request the following:

Hanging Clothes items - there is NO LIMIT to how many hanging items you may bring. You are welcome to hang multiple items on one hanger (ex: pants & shirt which match making a completed outfit!). We encourge you to put pjs, onesies and baby t-shirts in ziplock bags instead of hangers. SHOES - there is no limit. Please secure shoes in ziplock bag if size permits. Please secure ziplock bag closed with tape. Please put GOOD description on index card (such as color, brand, style of shoe) so that if shoes get separated from bag, we can identify where they belong!

School uniforms and Halloween costumes are accepted at the Fall/Winter Sale. Costumes for playing dress-up will be accepted also! Khaki pants & shorts and solid colored polo style shirts often used as school uniforms, will be accepted!

  • No GLASS bottles!
  • Baby Mattresses & twin bed mattresses will be accepted in Reruns Are Fun. Mattresses WILL NOT be accepted in HOMERUNS!
  • HOMERUNS will not accept APPLIANCES (other than lamps), COMPUTERS, TELEVISIONS, etc.

Hope this helps! Any questions, do not hesitate to email us at rerunsarefun@cox.net or call us at numbers listed below!