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We are excited to announce the KREWE OF RERUNS! ALL are invited to JOIN !

All Krewe Members are invited to the Krewe Fais-do-do Event on Saturday, March 25th at 6:30pm


Krewe Members will gain the advantage of shopping early at the KREWE Fais-do-do Event!
Krewe Members which schedule 20 hours of time at RERUNS shop at 6:45 pm *unlimited shopping Krewe Members which schedule 15 hours of time at RERUNS shop at 7:00 pm *unlimited shopping. Krewe Members which schedule 10 hours of time at RERUNS shop at 7:00 pm *limited shopping *.  Krewe Members are also invited to shop for 1/2 price items on Saturday at 6pm, before 1/2 price sale begins on Sunday with UNLIMITED shopping!


Participate in the RERUNS ARE FUN / HOMERUNS Sale
Invited to attend the KREWE Fais-do-do Event on Saturday, March 25, 2023
Work the RERUNS are FUN /HOMERUNS Event (minimum of 10 hours)
KREWE members will be PAID for approved hours worked as Independent Contractors for the RERUNS are FUN / HOMERUNS event only.

Membership Fee of $30

We would love to have you join our KREWE ! This is a great opportunity to SHOP first and earn some extra $$$ too!! Come enjoy a relaxed night of festive shopping! Refreshments will be served !

Please contact us thru email ( or phone/text (Sheri- 318-422-0988, Jill -405-315-7500) to schedule your preferred work times

Thank you!! Jill & Sheri