In order to ensure the Sale Event is successful, we are always in need of Volunteers!

We would LOVE for you to join us as a VOLUNTEER at our upcoming SALE!!!  This is a great opportunity to SHOP early for great deals, even getting Christmas gifts too!  All Volunteers are invited to shop FIRST!  Details are listed below but if interested, please call Sheri at 318-422-0988!  We would love to have you join us as a Volunteer, Participant and/or Shopper! 

We are in need of volunteers at all hours of the day and evening from 3/7-3/24/2019.  Please know you are welcome to volunteer at your convenience and can split times with spouse, mom, mom in law, etc!  We need all kinds of help including sitting, standing, thinking, non thinking, lifting, non lifting, etc!  There is a place for EVERYONE!   This is also an excellent opportunity for students to get Service Hours!  Perks of volunteering are listed below:

 All Volunteers volunteering 10+ hours are invited to shop on 3/9/19 at 7pm (some earlier, see details below!).  All Volunteers' names are placed in drawings for cash prizes!  The Volunteer Sale is small therefore stress free and short to generally no check- out lines!  It’s like a Night Out doing what we love most... SHOPPING FOR OUR KIDS!

Volunteers Volunteering.....

20+ hours - Get to shop at 6:45 pm 3/9/19 with NO LIMITS; Invited to shop for 1/2 price items 3/17/10 at 6 pm with no limits!   Name goes into multiple drawings including $200 cash prize! 

15+ hours - Get to shop at 7 pm 3/9/19 with NO LIMITS!  Name goes into multiple drawings!   

10+ hours - Get to shop at 7 pm 3/9/19 - may purchase 2 items for every hour committed to volunteering!  Name goes in drawing for $50 cash prize along with possible others (first time volunteer, refer a friend to volunteering, etc)

5+ hours - Early Entry to shop at Participant Sale on 3/10/19 at 12:45 pm!  No limits! 

WE WOULD LOVE AND APPRECIATE YOUR HELP!   Call us (Sheri @ 422-0988)  to get on the Volunteer Schedule!